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new york city architecture design

Manhattan is one of the five boroughs of New York City. It is the most densely populated and visited place in the United States. Manhattan’s history dates to 1624, when it was founded by the Dutch. The borough is home to many famous landmarks, including the Empire State Building, Times Square, and Central Park. Furthermore, there are many things to do in Manhattan, including shopping, dining, and visiting museums. The History of Manhattan Manhattan became the center of a thriving and expanding metropolis in the nineteenth century, especially after the Erie Canal was opened in 1825. When Manhattan was combined…

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Staten Island is in the New York City borough of Staten Island. The island has a rich history, with archaeological evidence dating back to the Upper Paleolithic period. The Dutch settled on Staten Island in the 17th century, and the British claimed it in the 18th century. The island became a penal colony in the early 19th century and was ceded to New York City in 1898. It was mainly populated by Italian immigrants during the early 20th century. It is known for its natural beauty, diverse cultural heritage, and rich history. The History of Staten Island New York City’s…

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Brooklyn New York City sunset

Brooklyn in New York City has been a center of maritime activity since the early 17th century and became a major commercial center in the mid-19th century. The Brooklyn Bridge, the world’s longest suspension bridge, opened in 1883. The borough is now home to a diverse population with a rich cultural heritage. Brooklyn’s rich history dates to the early days of Dutch settlement. Today, Brooklyn is a culturally diverse borough with plenty to see and do. From bustling neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Bushwick to tranquil oases like Prospect Park, there is something for everyone in Brooklyn. The History of Brooklyn…

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The Bronx borough in New York City is located on the mainland of the United States, directly north of Manhattan and east of Queens. The Bronx was one of the five boroughs consolidated into a city in 1898. The Bronx borough has a rich history, with landmarks and attractions that reflect its heritage. The borough was named after Jonas Bronck, born in Sweden and later moved to the United States. He owned a large farm in what is now the Bronx. The borough has a rich history that dates to the 1600s. There are also many modern attractions in The…

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Queens New York City architecture

Queens in one of the great boroughs located in New York City. The borough has a rich history and is known for its diversity. It was founded in 1683 and became a city in 1898. Queens is the most ethnically diverse borough in the United States, with more than two hundred languages. Queens is home to many attractions, such as the Queens Zoo and Flushing Meadows Park. There are many reasons to come to Queens, including its vibrant culture and beautiful landscape. The History of Queens Queens is the most populated of New York City’s five boroughs. It has 2.271…

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Chinatown New York City Playing poker at Columbus Park
Little Italy NYC night sign at street

There was a time that Little Italy NYC covered more than just Mulberry Street. I took a walk after visiting one of our NYC parks.

Masa Galeria Showing Hanging Clothes at Rockefeller Center