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Philadelphia architecture photography

I really enjoy taking architecture photos. This Philadelphia architecture photography gallery is part of a series of traveling photography I will be featuring in I prefer taking old brick buildings and old doors that are kept in good condition. Tap on each image and let me know what you think. You can always contact me if you like to collaborate or like to purchase a poster. I can frame any of my photos for you. I ship anywhere in the USA. Contact me if you live abroad. Thanks.

New LIRR station grand central
red fire and police call box

I noticed the other day after brewing my favorite coffee at home that we still have all these red fire police call box all over New York City. In this age of the internet and high technology where everybody can just pull out their mobile phones and contact the fire department of the police. Some years ago during the Giuliani and Bloomberg NYC government administration there were plans to remove these beautiful landmarks. But, many opposed to the law. And it makes sense, how about if the internet goes down? no smart phones or any new medium of communication? At…

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NYC Subway Moments

New Yorkers riding the subway. These NYC subway moments are part of the daily commute to work. Some subway riders enjoy reading a book, others stare at their mobile phones while others have too many things to carry. I took these photos after brewing my own coffee at home and then heading out to document New York City. Take a look a these NYC subway moments photo gallery and let me know what you think in the comments section. You can always contact me if you have questions or like to collaborate.

Bathroom art in Brooklyn

Many bar’s bathrooms in New York City are full of inspirational art. Most bathroom Art in Brooklyn with messages that get deep into your soul. Some of these messages relate to me others relate to things happening around our lives. Check out my bathroom art inspiration photo exhibition and let me know what you think. I noticed more inspirational bathroom art in Brooklyn than any other parts of NYC. Maybe New Yorker’s that live in Brooklyn are more creative? Maybe we brew our own coffee at home? Whatever it is we can stop making more art.

Flatbush NYC colonial architecture

Flatbush in located in Brooklyn, New York City. Many people do not know about this ‘Victorian architecture’ in Flatbush, Brooklyn. It’s very easy to get here by NYC Subway. Take the Q or B train to Church Ave. You will need to exit the subway station by the Church Ave exit. Start walking towards any of the British named streets such as Marlborough, Rugby, Argyle, Westminster or Stratford Roads. All these streets are filled with Victorian architecture houses some were constructed in the late 1800s and early 1900s. This victorian architecture in Flatbush is best to enjoy it while having…

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New York City dogs Charmin

The New York City dogs population seems to have grown over the past two years. Maybe because of the pandemic or because more people want a pet companion.

new york city architecture design

Manhattan is one of the five boroughs of New York City. It is the most densely populated and visited place in the United States. Manhattan’s history dates to 1624, when it was founded by the Dutch. The borough is home to many famous landmarks, including the Empire State Building, Times Square, and Central Park. Furthermore, there are many things to do in Manhattan, including shopping, dining, and visiting museums. The History of Manhattan Manhattan became the center of a thriving and expanding metropolis in the nineteenth century, especially after the Erie Canal was opened in 1825. When Manhattan was combined…

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