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Masa Galeria Showing Hanging Clothes at Rockefeller Center
The Notorious B.I.G Street Art in Brooklyn

I’m better at taking photographs than writing. Here are some Brooklyn street art photographs I took the other day while walking around and having a great cup of Caturra coffee in Bushwick. Scroll down and let me know what you think. You can also check my NYC T-Shirts and coffee mugs shop and if you like to support me please place an order.

Travel pictures in Rome

Rome is one of the most prevalent tourist spots in the world. Every year, millions of people worldwide travel to Rome to see its unique sights and attractions. Whether you’re looking to explore ancient ruins, take in some of Rome’s famous art, or enjoy some delicious Italian food, there’s plenty to do and see in this historic city. Rome is a city with an extended and rich history. It was founded over 2,500 years ago and was once the largest and most influential city globally. Today, Rome is the capital of Italy. History Of Rome Rome was established in 753…

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hanging shoes power lines night

I never understood the meaning of a pair or more hanging shoes on power lines in New York City. Do you? If so, write a comment in the comment area below this post. I’m putting together this little photo gallery named Hanging Shoes on Power Lines in New York City. I will be adding more images whenever I find more hanging shoes on power lines in NYC. If you like my photos please consider helping me out by visiting my New York City souvenir shop. I make my own T-Shirts, coffee mugs and more designs inspired by my walks in…

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Spanglish in New York City

It is familiar that New York City is home to a large population of Latinos, but what is less known is the origin of this particular way of talking. Spanglish in New York City has roots in the Caribbean. Many slaves came from Africa and spoke Spanish and English to communicate with their masters. What Is Spanglish? Spanglish is a specialized communication method that’s used to blend English and Spanish. Despite its wide usage in Latin America, it never gained traction among native speakers of either language because the use of Spanglish has been seen as taboo. Though many see…

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Williamsburg bridge New York City

The Williamsburg bridge, one of New York’s most famous landmarks is a suspension bridge built in 1903. Built across New York’s East River, this iconic architectural wonder connects Manhattan’s East Side to the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. When opened 117 years ago, the Williamsburg bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world but the exposed iron frames and lack of extra design elements left many Americans unimpressed. Today the Williamsburg bridge stands tall not just as a symbol of New York city but it represents the ingenuity of American architecture and the long-term vision of the past leaders of…

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new york city architecture design

New York City architecture inspires me While walking around and enjoying one of my favorite Latin America coffee from Peru I got inspired and found many details about these buildings. I will separate the architecture styles in future posts. Probably sort them by boroughs and/or NYC neighborhoods.

Welcome sign view from Seaport

Sunset at Seaport District is fantastic Walking in New York City while having authentic Latin America coffee from Guatemala I bumped into the Seaport District in Manhattan the other day.