Social Distancing NYC During COVID

Social Distancing NYC During COVID

Is social distancing affecting you negatively or is it helping you to innovate and become a better you? Social distancing in NYC was a very though challenge.

Social distancing was an essential measure taken to slow the spread of COVID-19, but it also brought significant changes to the way we interacted with one another. For many New Yorkers, the once-crowded streets and bustling neighborhoods became eerily quiet as people stayed at home and practiced social distancing. Gone were the days of meeting up with friends for a drink or grabbing a bite to eat at a favorite restaurant. Instead, we were left to find new ways to connect and stay social while keeping a safe distance from one another.

While social distancing was necessary, it was also incredibly challenging. It was difficult to go for weeks or even months without seeing family and friends in person. Virtual gatherings and Zoom calls helped, but they couldn’t replace the sense of community and human connection that comes with being together in person. It was a lonely and isolating time for many New Yorkers, and it reminded us of the importance of human interaction and the simple joys of spending time with loved ones. However, it also brought out the resilience and creativity of people, as they found innovative ways to stay connected and social while practicing social distancing.

I was coding with coffee at home when I decided to go out and take some pictures by the park during the peak of the COVID pandemic in New York City.

Man sitting alone at East River Park
Man sitting alone at East River Park
social distancing nyc
Man sitting alone
Lady crossing street chinatown nyc
Lady alone Chinatown NYC
Man standing alone by Manhattan Bridge NYC
Man texting viewing Manhattan Bridge

Social distancing in NYC was becoming a new normal for all New Yorkers. At the end, I noticed that we were already socially distancing from other before the pandemic. The use of mobile devices are transforming people into zombies.

Lady sitting at East River park alone
Man alone at East River p
Man texting at East River stage bench nyc
Man sitting alone
man texting by Manhattan Bridge NYC
Man texting at park
Man sitting at East River park stage bench
Man sitting at bench
Lady sitting alone East River NYC
Lady alone at bench
man sitting at bench park social distancing nyc
Seniors sitting alone
social distancing nyc
Squirrel alone on tree

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