Red Hook Brooklyn New York City

Red Hook Brooklyn New York City

Red Hook Brooklyn was founded in 1836 by Dutch colonists. This is why we can notice so many Holland style warehouse buildings all around Red Hook Brooklyn.

Leigh Valley Boat 79 at Red Hook Brooklyn
Leigh Valley Boat in Red Hook

I went to a bike ride and sat by the river while having my favorite Latin America coffee. I still drink hot black coffee during any hot summer day in NYC.

By the 1920s, they made Red Hook the busiest freight port in the world, but this ended in the 1960s with the creation of shipping containers. Then by the 1930s Red Hook became one of the poorest neighborhoods in New York and it was called ‘city for the homeless’ or ‘Hooverville’.

NYC Moments dogs with father
Man carrying two dogs in Brooklyn, New York
Viewer by the East River from Brooklyn
Red Hook Viewer by the East River
No parking sign Red Hook in Brooklyn
No parking Graffiti Sign in Red Hook
Bee at work inside flower
Bee at work in Red Hook

Most of Red Hook has changed due to gentrification. People from around the world have moved here mainly artists. IKEA has also set its main chain store right by the East River. These and other reasons have contributed to an increase in rent in Red Hook. I still believe this area needs more improvement to be classified as a ‘hot spot’ for real estate agents. The area does not have easy access to public transportation specially the NYC Subway.

Red Hook Architecture in Brooklyn
Red Hook Architecture by the East River