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Fraunces tavern sign

Step into the pages of history and uncover the hidden gems of New York City at Fraunces Tavern. Nestled in the heart of the Financial District, this iconic establishment is not merely a pub but a living testament to the nation’s rich past. As a historian, I invite you to traverse the hallowed halls of Fraunces Tavern, where each room echoes with the whispers of bygone eras. The Long Room, with its low-beamed ceilings and rustic charm, transports visitors back to the 18th century. This space served as the venue for George Washington’s farewell address to his officers, a NYC…

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Bathroom art in Brooklyn

Many bar’s bathrooms in New York City are full of inspirational art. Most bathroom Art in Brooklyn with messages that get deep into your soul. Some of these messages relate to me others relate to things happening around our lives. Check out my bathroom art inspiration photo exhibition and let me know what you think. First off, bathroom graffiti and stickers are a form of self-expression. Whether it’s a witty joke, a political statement, or a simple doodle, these markings give patrons an outlet to express themselves in a space that’s often loud, crowded, and hectic. They’re a way to…

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