Visit New York City

NYC Snow day
NYC Moments Statue of Lenin

Lower East Side is a historic hood. We have many generations of immigrants and new people are moving in. I like to show the original architecture and way of life of LES. I have been in this hood since the 1990s.

NYC Moments Gentrification in LES
NYC Moments man fishing East River

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NYC Moments Lady Taking Break with Trash

Showing you details from New York City that may or may not inspire you. Let me know what would you like to see in NYC and I will post it.

NYC Moments Lady Taking Break with Trash
NYC Moments bike day
NYC Sewer Made in India

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NYC MTA dog in a bag

Millions come together at NYC MTA Subway stations everyday. I have seen everything during my Subway rides. Sometimes the Subway becomes a place for meditation, self discovery or to have your favorite coffee. Contact me if you like any of my pictures. I can frame and ship them to you. Let me know when are you visiting NYC and I can give you some tips to get around.

NYC Architecture brick building

I like the original architecture in NYC (bricks and detailed designs). The new and fancy glass structures are not inviting for me. What do you think? Contact me if you like to connect.

Famous Manhattan bridge view from Brooklyn

Brooklyn forms part of my life. I’m a part time resident of Brooklyn and here I’m bringing you some NYC Brooklyn Moments pictures. What’s your favorite NYC borough?

I decided to cross the Manhattan Bridge from Lower East Side to Brooklyn. While having fantastic Latin America coffee I came across many different views of New York City.

NYC Brooklyn brownstone architecture
NYC Traditional brick buildings
Manhattan bridge view from Brooklyn
Manhattan Bridge view from Brooklyn

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NYC Brooklyn street mural The William Vale

Since the 1980s Graffiti wall art forms part of New York City.

New York City barista is part of our city’s essential workers. NYC Cafes are one of the best in the world. Contact me if you like to be featured. To learn more about Specialty Coffee visit my sister website specifically to learn about Latin America coffee.