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During these difficult times, many of you are unable to visit New York City. This current pandemic has halted international travel indefinitely. There are many who still plan to come to NYC and see the historic sites and NYC architecture. However, the increasingly chilly weather may deter some. Using the NYC Moments website, you can experience the magic of the city directly from your couch! You can even contact me and request photos from a specific part of NYC.

As Coronavirus cases rise again in the city that never sleeps, indoor dining will soon be closing down. Christmas and New Year’s are going to look very different this year, with fewer tourists taking pictures of the Rockefeller Christmas tree, skating in the famous rink, or gathering in Times Square to see the ball drop. Even so, the streets of NYC are still ripe for adventure, and one can learn a lot about the character of the city just by watching the people that fill it, even if from a safe distance. Each borough, and even each neighborhood, has its own personality. Ask any New Yorker, and they’ll tell you they feel most at home in a different pocket of this sprawling metropolis. My personal favorite neighborhoods include Williamsburg and Greenpoint in Brooklyn, and the Lower East Side in Manhattan. No matter where you are located, I can bring this vibrant and ever-changing city to you.

NYC Moments View to Brooklyn Bridge from New York City Sea Port
View to Brooklyn Bridge from New York City Sea Port

Even amidst this global pandemic, New York City has found a way to stay alive. I hope that my images can bring you and your loved ones a sense of enjoyment during this unconventional holiday season!