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NYC snow storm 2021 Grand Central

During this New York City Snow Storm of 2021 many New Yorkers were stranded at home. Most subway trains stopped running by 2PM and New York City was covered in white. Around Grand Central terminal in New York City the streets were covered in snow. The few people that went to work did not even come out of their offices at lunch time. I went outdoors while enjoying fantastic Latin America coffee brewed at home. Park Avenue in New York City was deserted. The only people outside were the cleaning crew shoveling the snow in front of the lobby entrances in Park Avenue. Unused phone booth around Grand Central Terminal were covered by snow. These phone booth are no longer used since many New Yorkers have a mobile phone service. Other New Yorkers got very creative and found a way to cover their shoes during this New York City Snow…

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People chatting at New York City Seaport

New York City Seaport is another historic location and formerly home to NYC’s fish market before it was moved to the Bronx. Hurricane Sandy changed the mood in at NYC’s Seaport historic buildings specially to the ones closer to the East River. A new fancy Mall has been constructed instead of the old cool looking traditional Mall with its amazing food court located on the top floor. You could find a wide variety of food for really affordable prices. Now, there’s a fancy rooftop bar/restaurant. During my walk and while have amazing coffee brewed at home. I noticed another restaurant/bar right by the water. They are now using domes to sit restaurant customers outdoors due to the current COVID pandemic. Check out more pictures below hopefully this eating outdoors fashion stays forever. Feels like I’m walking somewhere in Europe. Traditionally New Yorkers are not used to this way of life,…

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Coney Island Parachute Tower
Red Hook Brooklyn Viewer by the East River

Red Hook Brooklyn was founded in 1836 by Dutch colonists. This is why we can notice so many Holland style warehouse buildings all around Red Hook Brooklyn. I went to a bike ride and sat by the river while having my favorite Latin America coffee. I still drink hot black coffee during any hot summer day in NYC. By the 1920s, they made Red Hook the busiest freight port in the world, but this ended in the 1960s with the creation of shipping containers. Then by the 1930s Red Hook became one of the poorest neighborhoods in New York and it was called ‘city for the homeless’ or ‘Hooverville’. Most of Red Hook has changed due to gentrification. People from around the world have moved here mainly artists. IKEA has also set its main chain store right by the East River. These and other reasons have contributed to an increase…

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New Yorkers storefront art Soho

Many New Yorkers remember New York City by the glitz and glam of the streets of Lower Manhattan,along which fashion conglomerates and cozy boutiques stand. Mannequins pose in thewindows, beckoning tourists to collect the newest, trendiest items from the laps of luxury. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis and the protests in support of Black Lives Matter, retailersbegan to board up their storefronts. Though the fashion industry has gone into quarantine withthe rest of the world, its barren shutters have become a playground for artists who have laidthe true heart of the city bare on their wooden canvases. The retreat of clothing stores behind painted boards seems to mirror the way society isbeginning to question consumerism and capitalism, which have traditionally overshadowed theurgency of addressing racial injustices. The tragic murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery,and Breonna Taylor may have been the impetus for the people of New York City…

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Man wearing face masks reading at bench

Face masks in New York City have become a fashion during quarantine times. Most people use face masks when going to the market or at crowded places.

NYC Moments delivery bike man

NYC seems empty, but still beautiful. Many people walk keeping their distance. Delivery guys on bikes work hard to deliver food directly from local markets in NYC. While walking in New York City Chelsea and having a great cup of Latin America coffee I decided to document the street life during the pandemic of 2020.

Social distancing woman sitting alone at park

Is social distancing affecting you negatively or is it helping you to innovate and become a better you? Leave a reply on the comments area below after the images. I was coding with coffee at home when I decided to go out and take some pictures by the park during the peak of the COVID pandemic in New York City.