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NYC Moments Charmin

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New York Public Library Main Branch

New York Public library main branch

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nyc marathon 2019

On a crisp morning in early November, 50,000 runners from all over the world descended on the 2019 NYC Marathon to traverse the five boroughs on foot, and just as many New Yorkers showed up to cheer them on. The streets of Brooklyn, where I stood among the crowd of onlookers, were bursting with color, pride, and people just being their authentic selves. At times, the bright costumes, creatively worded signs, loud music, and dancers on the sidewalks brought to mind not a high-caliber race, but a giant outdoor party. The NYC marathon has always been a reminder, to me, of the best of humanity. Runners and spectators alike set aside their work-related anxieties, their ego-driven arguments, and focus on supporting one another, or perhaps something bigger than themselves. Every other runner, it seemed, wore a shirt celebrating a family member, friend, or anyone else who was a survivor of…

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